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ORFO 2011 is available in Mac App Store

We are glad to announce that now you can purchase a registration key of the fully functional version of spelling system ORFO 2011 for Mac OS X in Mac App Store!

ORFO 2011 is not a really application, but a system service. That means you cannot buy the product directly in Mac Application Store. The procedure of purchasing the product will be lightly different from you used to:

In case you installed ORFO Editor of your Maс before ORFO 2011, you'll need to do next:
Quit ORFO Editor and delete folder com.informatic.OrfoEditor in folder ~/Library/Application Support/ then launch ORFO Editor again.

ORFO 2011 for Mac is a service spelling and grammar check of the Russian language and for spell checking English and Ukranian language. ORFO 2011 for MacOS is available in all applications that support the "Spelling". In addition, supports spell checking in MS Office 2011, and in MS Outlook 2011 even checking for grammar and style.

Download the installation file.

Demo key for 30 days (valid until 22.06.2011): V2FB-FD2V-3TRK-AXD6
System Requirements: Mac OS version 10.6.6 or later.



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