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ORFO 2014 for Windows (electronic delivery)

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Multi-system spelling ORFO.
ORFO - a unique system for quality inspection of texts in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

The professional solution for working with text documents in Russian. Effectively solves the problem of testing and processing of text documents.


Tools for checking spelling:

    Improved spell checking.
    Better check the grammar and style.
    Automatic addition of new vocabulary words for all word forms.

Tools work with the text:

    Search and replace words in all forms.
    A custom hyphenation.
    Compilation of the abstract text and compiling a list of keywords.

Tools for teaching Russian:

    Reference Grammar of Russian language with the tests.
    Ability to view all forms of speech.
    Dictionary Dal, Dictionary of Modern Russian Language, Etymological dictionary, dictionary of synonyms, antonyms and paronyms.

Special Features:

    Ability to connect special case vocabularies for subject areas.
    Includes program has its own editor to edit the text and check on them.
    Ability to connect spelling to other languages.

Application Support:

    Working in MS Office, including Office 2010, including OneNote.
    Check spelling in standard Windows applications
    Check spelling in editable windows browser IE (6-8).

To check spelling in 64-bit applications should use the 64bit version ORFO 2012
1 and more licenses: 1980.00 rubles. (For 1 license)

Platform: Windows XP | Windows Vista Home Basic | Windows Vista Home Premium | Windows Vista Business | Windows Vista Ultimate | Windows 7 Home Premium | Windows 7 Home Basic | Windows 7 Professional | Windows 7 Ultimate
Languages: Russian
Shipping: by e-mail (E-Mail)
Delivery on CD: Available
Delivery time (days): 1

ОРФО 2016 Максимальная для Windows (электронная поставка)


Включает в себя весь функционал ОРФО 2016 Профессиональная плюс, а модули проверки правописания и дополнительные тематические словники для:

французского, итальянского, немецкого, испанского, португальского языков.

Тематический словник - это заранее введенный в память программы набор слов, который позволяет значительно ускорить проверку правописания и давать более точные подсказки при проверке специализированных текстов.



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